What is a Preppy?

So, what exactly is a preppy? It’s hard for me to define but I know it when I see it. The term has been defined as someone from old money who was educated in private Northeastern college prep schools. It’s also been described as the style of clothes worn by the same people. The description that resonated with me most, and made it easier for me to define, was classic style with some bold colours thrown in. 

It’s a clean-cut, classic, simple look with patterns such as plaid and grosgrain, accents such as nautical motifs and monograms and, of course, the pink and green. And that’s what we try to portray here at Preppy Princess. 

Our products are classic, mostly monogrammed and capture the spirit of the preppy style.  You don’t have to be born into old money to convey the preppy style. Old money/preppy has become a way of life that you can choose to be a part of. 

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